Thursday, 26 November 2009

Medium Length Hair Cut

It is difficult enough to decide on the perfect hairstyle for the bride; figuring out the best look for a group of bridesmaids too can be even more challenging. If your bridesmaids have medium length hair, you will at least find that it is a versatile length with many pretty options for hairdos. Try out one or more of these lovely bridesmaid hairstyles for your attendants with medium length hair.
A soft bun at the nape of the neck is one very pretty look for bridesmaids. This looks especially nice for ladies who have a bit of wave in their hair. The sides of the hair should be loosely gathered to allow the natural wave to show. Then the back is pinned into a slightly messy bun with a few little sprouts of hair peeking out to keep the effect natural. Dress it up with a sparkly hairpin or two that matches the rest of the bridesmaid jewelry.

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