Thursday, 26 November 2009

Medium Hair Color

It is a fact that sun can be very damaging to our bodies. It is not only our skin that suffers, but also our hair. Exposure of hair to solar radiation makes hair susceptible to important chemical changes. If hair has been chemically treated (dyed, bleached, perm), it becomes more fragile and chemical changes due to the exposure to solar radiation become more evident. UV radiation alters hair cuticle cells, the most external part of the hair, making surface of the hair porous and rough. As a consequence, hair becomes hard to comb and it breaks easily since its resistance has been reduced. This can happen even after a few hours of solar exposure. More precisely, solar radiation is responsible for breaking disulfide bonds and decomposing an extremely important amino acid, tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that becomes part of the hair proteins (keratins). Amino acids are strictly connected to the essential course of vital processes. So, in order to protect hair from sun radiation, tryptophan in the hair has to be protected. Common conditioners can only temporarily mask damages caused by sun exposure, because once rinsed off they loose their function. Besides, such products make hair oily and heavy.

The effectiveness of Villa Borghini Hair Color Protection Treatment was compared to traditional sunscreens like Octyl Methoxycinnate. Clinical test results revealed that Villa Borghini Hair Color Protection Treatment gave 4 times better protection. Villa Borghini Hair Color Protection Treatment dramatically reduces disulfide bond cleavage. It provides great protective function during sun exposure by reducing degradation of Tryptophan in chemically treated hair.

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